Ladies and Gentlemen, highly respected Atheists,


I have a simple, yet important, question for you – what is evolution?


I have corresponded with non-believers since 2009 and have heard the following statement many times: “There is no God! There never was and never will be! God exists only in your imagination, in your narrow mind, and nowhere else. Evolution did all!” Many readers have suggested that I study evolution, and I thought that to do so would be a good exercise for all parties involved.


My ultimate goal is to discuss creation and the Creator, but before I say anything else, let’s start by studying evolution together.  However, before we can begin that, I must first ask you to aid me in defining what, exactly, evolution means?


I think this subject is not only very interesting, but important for both sides to understand. I hope it will be read by many highly-educated people – prominent scientists, great biologists and such – who can teach me about evolution. I have prepared some very simple questions concerning evolution that I would like to discuss with you.


Does evolution have conscience, awareness, the knowledge, wisdom, and ability to create? If so, where did these invisible characteristics come from?


Does evolution have power and authority over the planet Earth, human beings, and everything what is on earth?


Does evolution have a desire to see life on our planet Earth: beautiful ladies, handsome men and precious children? Does evolution have some purpose and reason for our existence?


Did evolution have the knowledge that two males cannot produce offspring and, as a result, somehow in its wisdom, caused females to evolve?


Does evolution have the ability to establish the method of reproduction for all living beings? For as we can see, each living being, in its own time, carries out the necessary events for reproduction and the planet Earth continues to be filled with life.


Does evolution love beauty and have the ability to establish order for plant multiplication? How is it then that each tree, bush, flower, and blade of grass has a very specific method for reproduction allowing our planet Earth to bloom with such beauty?


Does evolution love and take care of people or intervene in their lives? Has it laid out moral laws, rules and regulations or commands for them? Does evolution have the ability to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, what is righteous and what is unrighteous and passed these characters to human beings? If not, how is it then and for what purpose, according to evolution, did people develop into moral beings with an inherent sense of right and wrong?


Have you ever seen evolution? Can you describe its shape, might, authority, and power? Where does evolution live? Can you establish the place of its habitation?


Can we talk to evolution? It does not matter if we are rich or poor, successful in our lives or not, well-known or unknown, we all sometimes feel down, lonely, left behind somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and want to talk to somebody. We want to open our heart and pour out our joy or sorrow, success or failure to somebody saying: “Do not tell it to anybody! It is a big secret between only you and me!” Can we, people, have this sort of relationship with evolution?  Can we share a mutual understanding, with an ability to communicate and interact with evolution?


Which prominent scientists are able to assert that evolution is not just a theory, a hypothesis, an assumption, or the product of people’s imagination, but an indisputable and proven fact?


Looking at our planet Earth today, in the 21st century, we see that everything is arranged very well, everything was foresaw and all necessities wisely prepared for the existence of living beings. Our planet Earth is beautiful and breathes with life and activity. Was evolution wise enough and able to do all these things?


There are many questions about evolution, but I will ask just one more: “Is evolution a thinking entity, alive and active; or is it a dead, inanimate substance –a nobody or a nothing?


Maybe these questions are strange to you, but since you have asserted with such great conviction that evolution did all that is necessary for the existence of all living beings, I put to you questions in order to understand exactly what evolution is, what is its purpose, and where is its place in our society, hearts and minds now, in the 21st century.


Thus, in conclusion, dear Readers, I ask that you would please answer all these questions, one by one. Give me a detailed definition of evolution. Convince me to believe in evolutionism. In other words, make an atheist out of me. Prove to me that there is no God, no Creator, by providing irrefutable proof of His non-existence, and by providing irrefutable proof that evolution consciously did it all.


As always, it is my great privilege to be on this page, to talk to you, and to ask my questions as well as share my viewpoint on evolution vs. creation and the Creator.


All your comments will be greatly appreciated.


I look forward to hearing from you.