Some Bible scholars strongly believe that our planet earth is only 6,000 years old. Meanwhile, evolutionists believe that 14-15 billion years ago, a “big bang” caused the universe to begin from nothing. About 5 billon years ago, the earth itself began to form. As you can see there is a very big difference between these two persuasions, but the truth is only one; not two, three or seven. It means one side is right and one is wrong. The truth of one side necessitates the invalidity of the other. We humans, citizens of this planet, reasoning people, the most intelligent visible beings on earth, live today, in the 21st century, in the age of information and great knowledge and technology, we must know the truth – what side is right and what is wrong.
In considering evolutionists’ point of view, a very important question arises. We all know and we all agree at this point that our planet Earth is relatively small, just a poppy seed in comparison to the entirety of the universe. On this poppy seed is a tiny man who usually lives less than 100 years. Keeping this in mind, one must ask the question: ”Does man’s brain have the ability or capability to know what was happening in this universe 14-15 billion years ago, while man’s brain does not know what will happen with our planet Earth tomorrow or even in 5 minutes from now?” Another question follows: “From what source did evolutionists get the information about this event? Was man present to witness what was happening in this universe 14-15 billion years ago? If not, is the information about “Big Bang theory” reliable for us today?”
I strongly believe that the only One who was there to know what was in the universe 14-15 billion years ago was not a human being. I think that you will agree with me. Only God Almighty, Creator and Ruler of all that is, who never had a beginning point, who is eternal, Supreme Being, who exists independently of the universe, who does not change, who is infinite, absolute, transcends space and time, who is self-aware, who is all-knowing, all powerful, ever present, and can accomplish whatever He desires to accomplish – was there and knows how the universe looked 14-15 billion years ago.
God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, all living beings, mankind, you and me did not leave us, His creation, without knowledge about how life appeared on planet Earth. He described the whole process in detail and recorded on the page of His constitution, the Holy Bible, in the Book of Geneses, chapter one. The record shows that God Almighty prepared beautiful conditions for His creation – the Earth, decorated with a high mountains and a deep valleys, lakes and rivers all over the planet, with magnificent trees, bushes, shrubs, countless flowers, delicious food and all necessities for the existence of our life that we see, use, and enjoy until today. God Almighty did not create earth in vain; He created it to be inhabited. Today, as we can see, our planet Earth is full of life and activity.
Looking for truth, looking for proof to support this belief of the Bible scholars, I decided to search extensively through available resources on the subject. The first facet of my search was to find the oldest city on earth. But I did not find any trace of any structures or cities, built by humans, 100,000-30,000 or even 20,000 years ago. What I discovered is that the oldest city is 12,000 years old, resting on the Turkey-Syria border.
My next steps were to find history’s oldest book on this planet Earth; the most dated written record containing information of what people like scientists, doctors, historians, authors, discoverers, inventors, actors and actresses, kings and queens knew years ago. But I did not find any books written even 10,000 years ago. I did not find any information of the existence of famous people mentioned above, who lived 5 thousand years B.C.
I also looked for the oldest achievements, accomplishments and inventions that were made, as well as the oldest famous buildings and the name of the oldest university. But no evidence was found of any achievements, accomplishments or inventions that were made at least 8,000 years ago.
We all know that the American continents were discovered, not even one thousand years ago. We all know when the electricity was discovered, when the first phone rang, when the first ship crossed the Atlantic, when the first airplane was made, when the first picture and movie were made, and the first time people reached the moon, when the first computer was made, and even when we first experienced the luxury of instant interaction with people – through the internet, Facebook and so forth. All these things have happened not one billion or million years ago, not one hundred thousand years ago, not even five thousand years B.C., but all these innovations became possible only within the last few centuries.
It is the fulfillment of God’s prophecy. The Holy Bible says: “But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” It is strong confirmation that the Holy Bible is the Word of God Almighty, the Creator of the heaven, earth, whole universe, mankind, you and me, because only God knows the future, nobody else.
If Darwinian evolutionists assert that our planet Earth began to form 5 billion years ago and people appeared on it, let us say, just one million years ago, then what were those people doing on this planet Earth for such an extensive period of time without any progress, development, and civilization? What kind of mystery exists? Can you answer this question?
Dear Reader, what do you think? What side is right and what is wrong? Do you really think that a “big bang” is the only explanation for the world’s existence? Don’t you think that a “big bang theory” is only theory, a hypothesis, or a product of people’s imagination, in other words only fiction? But where is the reality? Where is the truth?
Please think it over and over carefully, ponder and contemplate each facet. Try to find prominent scientists which deeply assert that a “big bang theory” and “Darwin’s theory of evolution” are not theory, but reality, undeniable and proven facts. And if you become convinced that our planet Earth, and people on it, exists for billion years then answer these questions one by one. But if you are not able to answer them then ask yourself: “Why am I not able to answer these simple questions of life? What is wrong with my conviction, my assertion, or a “big bang theory” and “Darwin’s theory of evolution?”
Please share this message and your point of view with your family, friends, the public and myself.
I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Owen Marble

    Carbon dating is a pretty good indication that the world is not young. Fossil records as well. Unless you think science was created simply to test your faith, if that’s the case then this discussion can’t continue.