As I correspond with many highly educated people, asking them questions about creation and the Creator, most of them have asserted that there is no Creator – that Nature did it all. For my simple questions regarding life: who wants to see life on planet earth, who established the method of reproduction for mankind, who keeps the ratio of male to female on our globe – some highly educated people have stated that Nature did it all. Many others have asserted that there is no God – that He never has existed, that He does not exist, and that He will never exist. “Your God is an imaginary ‘god’,” they say, “and He exists only in your narrow mind, nowhere else.”


It does not matter what my opponents think, say or write about me. I love them unconditionally and highly respect their opinion. I never criticize, condemn, argue or quarrel with them; I just bless them, pray for them, and create more questions for them. Since Mother-Nature (as some people refer to it as) did it all, I decided to talk about this wonderful Nature. Who is Mother-Nature really and what she has done on planet earth? I will start my conversation asking very simple questions of life: questions that we face on daily basis, questions that we live by, and describing Nature’s activities and deeds on our planet earth.


Dear unbeliever, have you ever seen Mother-Nature? Can you describe her shape, size, might, power or value?  Can you explain where she can be found? Do you know the location of her existence? Does she live in a big crowded city or in a small village, or up in the high mountains or down in a deep valley?  Does she live in an uninhabited, desolate desert or a spacious coast off the ocean, or perhaps in each tiny part of the whole universe?


Nature must not sleep or doze off either day or night. She must hold the globe in the palm of her hand without removing her eyes from it, for she must continually work to fill it with life.


Nature is also a great architect! She possesses the power and the creativity that the human brain cannot even begin to comprehend. There are more than seven billion people on this planet, and each living soul is both unique and unrepeatable. Turn your attention now to yourself and see how lovely you are! Another person like you will never exist. Your smile cannot be found on anyone else, nor will it ever be duplicated. Eyes like yours cannot be found anywhere else. Nature did not forget to give you your unique fingerprints. Your voice cannot be imitated by anybody. You are an unrepeated, original person.


Mother-Nature knew very well for what reason and purpose she created human beings. She knew that humans would have to be able to communicate with each other, so she created both mouth and tongue giving us the ability to speak, and she created the ears for us to hear each other, and she created the eyes for us to see one another. Nature wants to see life on earth and she knew that man alone or woman alone cannot bear children so she created man and woman, establishing the method of the reproduction for them, to produce offspring, which is their inheritance. Mother-nature wants to see our planet earth blooming and breathing with life and activities, that’s what we see today.


Mother-Nature knew that people would have the desire to do magnificent things on this planet Earth. She knew that man would need to do hard work and thus, she made his body very strong with great strength in his arms. She knew that man would have to provide food for his family and would have to labor hard in the fields to grow crops.  He would have to go out into the forest to cut trees; he would have to prepare materials in order to build houses. Later, he would construct skyscrapers from different materials, and trains to cross miles of land, and ships to float across the oceans, and cars to traverse the freeways, and planes to fly in the sky and around the globe from west to east, from north to south at very high speeds, and even shuttles to visit other planets. Mother-Nature gave to some people in these last days, great, great knowledge and understanding in order to make computers and create different kinds of programs. One hundred years ago nobody would have dreamed of what we see today. Isn’t Mother-Nature wonderful and wise? Yes she is! She possesses infinite wisdom and knowledge.


Nature must have a great interest in life, not only in humans, but in animal kingdom as well as and have a good sense of humor. She created the green frog with its large eyes. She created the segment ant, the humped camel, the long-necked giraffe, the striped zebra, the bushy-tailed squirrel, the poky porcupine, the deer with its antlers, the slow elephant, and the silly turtle, highly flying eagle and reptile. Also she established method of multiplication for each kind because she wants to see our earth blooming and breathing wit life. How much variety exists and how beautiful it is!


Nature knows the heart and soul of man. She knows what we like and what we dislike. She knows you, dear reader, and me. How wise Nature is! How much love she extends and how much goodness she created for man. She concerns herself with man. Isn’t Nature wonderful and caring? Yes, she is! For this reason some people call her Mother-Nature


Nature knew that people would love beauty and therefore she created grand trees, bushes, shrubs and countless kinds of flowers. Flowers bring great joy to all of mankind and nature created these flowers for our joy. She created them to bring us cheer and give us something beautiful to look upon. Not only did Nature create beauty for the eyes, but she also remembered about our stomachs and provided vegetables, fruits, seeds, and berries – all which are full of vitamins and minerals as well as taste and aroma.


Nature knew that man would enjoy sweetness, and she, therefore, created the little bee which works so hard all of its life to prepare sweet honey in order to make a person’s life sweeter and happier.


Mother-Nature knew that people would like scrambled eggs for breakfast, so she created the chicken which lays around 300 eggs per year. She also knew that people would need calcium to strengthen their bodies, so she created the cow. Now we have milk and so many kinds of dairy products, all which are so delicious and good for our body.


Nature knew that people would enjoy the company of domestic pets, so she created dogs and cats, which people love and adore – especially children. Even sick people feel much better in the company of animals. Animals do not produce any income to our households; they only create expense and additional care for us. Yet people love and enjoy having pets around. Nature did this for man.


Nature created sheep to produce wool to make warm sweaters, gloves and scarves for winter. Nature commanded the earth to produce cotton and flax in order to make beautiful clothing for humans. Seeing all of Nature’s activity, I think everyone can agree that Nature does a wonderful job on our planet earth, without any doubt.


Mother-Nature possesses the following positive invisible qualities: conscience, wisdom, memory, knowledge, ideas, creativity, and the ability to distinguish what is right from what is wrong, what is good from what is evil, and what is righteous from what is unrighteous. Other positive invisible qualities include: joy, love, a sense of humor, a desire for activity, a desire for life, a desire for offspring, inheritance, belief, optimism and forgiveness. Of course, she passed a small part of all these invisible characteristics on to her creation, us human beings, you and me. I think that many of us would agree that Mother Nature is worthy to be praised for all the wonderful things she has prepared for all living beings, especially for us humans.



Nature is perfect. Time has passed year after year, century after century, and the balance between male and female ratio has been prolonged and kept. Abnormalities in ratios cannot be found over the course of history. Our eyes do not see that boys are born on one continent while girls are on another.


Not only does Nature keep order on earth, she does so in space as well. When we look into the sky, we cannot comprehend or measure the distance of its great expanse; nor can we count the number of stars or quantify the number of heavenly bodies. Furthermore, these heavenly bodies do not remain stationary – they orbit continuously. Nature evidently has great authority. Isn’t Nature wonderful and wise? Of course, Nature has infinitive wisdom, knowledge and great authority in the whole universe. Yes, Nature does great miracles. Nature is in constant contact with her creation. She looks after its development. She takes care of, treasures, and loves her creation, and she has a specific and great purpose for the work of her hands.


Mother-Nature must be omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. Mother-Nature must also possess unexplored, unfathomable, inexplicable, indescribable, and infinitive wisdom. She must possess countless, incalculable, innumerable ideas, and unlimited, inexhaustible and unconditional love for her creation.


Human wisdom cannot explain the action of Nature – her strength, her concern, her control, and her love for her creation. I believe that libraries could not fit all the books that could be written about Nature’s wisdom and activities. Further, you cannot find authors to record all of her deeds.


We humans, who are reasoning beings, should understand that Mother-Nature has the full right to establish over us, who are of her creation, some rules, laws and regulations, all which are necessary for our own good, for our own well-being and wellness, and for our own personal protection. If we chose to violate these laws which she established for our good, we could understand the unpleasant consequences we might have to face as a result.


Dear Reader, have you ever thought of Nature, of her action, her greatness, her concern, her goodness, and of her love for you, personally? All of us sometimes need to talk with someone and to share our problems, successes, failures, disappointments, the feeling of sadness or displeasure and also the sense of satisfaction or happiness. Can you meet with her? Can you talk with her? Can you have fellowship with Nature? Would you be able to turn to Nature and ask her to do something, using any means, to grant you your heart’s desire? Can you open your heart and pour out to her your pain, joy, and the deepest secrets asking her: “Do not tell it to anybody?”


Many questions can be directed to Nature, and it is impossible to sort through them all. Since Nature did it all, important questions demand to be asked: who created such a good and wonderful Nature? Somebody or nobody?  If nobody created her, then where did Mother-Nature come from? From what source did she appear – not only on our planet earth, but in the whole universe? When did Nature start to exist??? And when will Nature cease to exist??? Last question, but not least: is Nature a “what” or a “who”???


A “what” cannot create life nor can it provide conditions and necessities for living creatures. A “what” cannot pass on knowledge because a “what” does not possess it.  A “what” cannot love, cannot plan, cannot care, cannot think, cannot be concerned with, nor can it control. A “what” is inanimate, lifeless and dead, therefore, Nature cannot be a “what”, but a “who”.


Some people call this wonderful Nature that did all – this invisible, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient power – just Nature. Some people may call it Mother-Nature; some people may call it the Creator. Some people may call it God the Almighty, and some people may call it Heavenly Father. It does not matter what people call it. It does not matter whether somebody likes it or not, or whether anybody believes it or not. The fact is that there exists an invisible, unexplored, unfathomable, inexplicable, indescribable, immeasurable power that sustains and upholds everything in existence and possesses infinite wisdom and knowledge, and countless, incalculable, innumerable ideas, and unlimited, inexhaustible, unconditional, and inexpressible love for its creation. This is the truth. This is the reality. This is a fact. Nobody can contradict it. Nature is God Almighty, the Creator of the whole universe, of all living beings, of you and me.  He is the Sustainer and Provider of all the necessities for humans and all other living things.  He is alive and active today, in the 21st century. All around us, all creation we see is the extraordinary evidence of His existence.



There is good news and bad news. The good news is that everybody acknowledges that the work on our planet earth is done. Our own eyes see our earth beautifully decorated with plants, full of life and activity, very handsome men, beautiful women and precious children. Of course, the bad news is that some people do not know, if it was done by a nobody or a somebody, or if it was done by a “what” or by a “whom”.



Dear unbeliever, would you please make an Atheist out of me by answering these simple questions of life one by one! But if you are not able to answer them, please ask yourself: Why, why, why? What if I am wrong? Why do I not have answer for these simple questions of my own life?


Any comment would be greatly appreciated.