Why do I believe in God?


The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

believe in God because I see the proof of His handiwork in the natural world on a daily basis. My book entitled “Conversations with an Atheist” has been published and is ready to be read. Firstly, in this book I strongly emphasize that God Almighty exists and is alive and active today, in the 21st century. I underscored visible and tangible proof of God’s action. Nobody can deny His existence; neither scientists or atheists, and neither the educated or un-educated public, because our own eyes witness His presence and actions everywhere on this planet earth.

I believe that everybody would be very curious to know what the visible, tangible proof is. How it presents itself, whether it is big or small, heavy or light, what it is made of, and if it is ugly or beautiful, where it can be found and most importantly, if it is real. Please believe me that it is real and it is beautiful. If you touch or pinch it, it will react immediately. One thing more about this visible, tangible proof of God’s existence is that without it our planet earth would be dead.

What is it?! Is this some joke?!  Oh no, not at all! This is reality! This is the fact, which no one can contradict!  So, what is it? Please get and read my book from cover to cover and you will be the first one in your family to know, and you will not be disappointed.

Secondly, I describe, step-by-step, God’s plan of salvation for mankind as it is outlined in the Bible. I want this book to be widely distributed, because every citizen of this planet must know this visible and tangible proof of God’s existence and His plan of salvation for mankind.

Can you do something to let the world know about this compelling evidence of God’s existence? Of course you can! Please buy my book and share the message among your family, friends, co-workers and with the whole world. May God richly bless you, protect you, prosper you and use you for His glory. May the peace of God rest upon you and your loved once.


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May God Almighty richly bless you by reading my book!