In my backyard birds from time to time, come to make their nests. I love to watch over their activity. At first they look for a safe place. After they choose appropriate materials they very skillfully build the nest. Then the mother bird lays her eggs. When this part of the work is done another phase begins, the mother sits on the eggs and warms them. The father bird will then bring food for her and take care of her. When the chicks appear, both parents work very hard providing them food. Time passes and the baby birds must be then on their own. The mother bird teaches them how to fly away from the nest. On one occasion, the mother bird was teaching her chicks how to take the first step on their own. She worked very hard for about one hour, but there was no result. I decided to help her, so I came to the nest and touched it. The baby birds got out of nest immediately. The mother bird did not say “thank you” but I think she appreciated my favor. Seeing this beautiful scenery, this whole process, I said to myself: Birds are like people. They have wisdom, they have knowledge, they have ability and they possess skills and love. Birds are architects, builders, caregivers, providers and teachers. These traits made me wonder, when birds first appeared on this planet earth where did they get these invisible characteristics from? Who put in their tiny brain these precious values? Who wants there to be life? Who is He?

Who started the multiplication of the creatures- birds, fish, animals and reptiles? Each living thing, in its own time, carries out the necessary events in reproduction, and the planet earth continues to be filled with life. Who gives animals such strong desire to reproduce, to leave offspring? Who placed the desire for life into the nature of animals? Every living animal strives to remain alive. Try to catch and kill any animal, they fight as much as possible because they want to live. Who wants there to be life on this planet earth? Who is He?

Who created a manner for plant reproduction? Each tree, bush, flower, shrub, and blade of grass has a specific method of reproduction. Who began this and for what reason and purpose? Who wants our planet to be filled with animals, plants, countless fruits and vegetables, and beautiful flowers? Who wants there to be life on planet earth? Who is He?

Who established the method of reproduction for human beings? The method has been established and works perfectly, our own eyes are witnessing beautiful women and handsome men all around the world. And who maintains the balance between male and female on this planet earth? Who keeps this order all over planet earth? Abnormalities in ratios cannot be found over the course of history. If there is no one in control, if nobody is in charge of this order, then who is to say that our eyes would not see boys on one continent while girls on the other, or only boys or only girls would be born all around the world at least for 50-70 years. Imagine yourself how the world would look? If this occurred, this planet would become empty. It would die in such a short period of time. You would hear only the wailing and moaning of this emptying and dying planet. Therefore, who is He that doesn’t want to witness a dying planet? But we do not see such events. Today, our planet blooms and breathes with life and activities. People live, people work, people travel around the world, airplanes full of people fly around this globe, even people visit outer space.

It is true that we live in the age of information, great knowledge and advanced technology. And scientists still want to know more and more, to discover new things more and more. Of course, it is very good. Astronomers try to visit other planets to see what is going on there, to see if maybe there is new life, some living creatures. They dedicate their time, they risk their own lives to find, to discover something new. It is reality, it is fact, and it is true. But why do some people not want to discover, to find out who wants to see life on this planet earth? Why do  some people not want to consider how come life is here, prepared with all the necessities for existence for each living soul including human beings, you and me? Why do not some people want to know who is He, who wants there to be life on our planet earth?

Dear Reader, I will leave this question for you! Please think over and over and give answer at first for yourself and then to the entire world. May God richly bless you and use you for His glory!

If you would like to know more, please consider ordering and reading my book from cover to cover.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.


  • Jalatorre984

    I’m still an Atheist

    • janinab

      November 29, 2012
      Dear Atheist, thank
      you so much for reading my article: “Who wants there to be life? Who is He?” After reading it you assert that you are still Atheist. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I think you do not realize how much joy your message brought in my house and in my heart. May God Almighty richly bless you, protect you, prosper you and use you for His glory. I have to admit that I fell in love with the Atheists, and I love to correspond with them.
      I would try to convince you that you are not
      Atheist NOW! Would you please read my statement enjoy it, laugh at it or even cry, but would you please do not be offended. Maybe it will look a little funny, but it contains the truth.
      In the beginning
      God created heaven and earth. Only God new that in the future He will create human beings, mankind, and these beings will need to eat just to exist, to survive. So, God commanded the earth to produce food. The earth, as God’s creation, did not know that living beings will appear on it and these beings will need to eat and did not prepare food on her own. But the earth was listening to God’s voice and was obedient to it, and immediately started to fulfill His command and produce vegetables, fruits, seeds and berries, so delicious, full of minerals, vitamins and aroma. As we are witness today, our planet earth still listens to God’s voice and produces food. I think that we all agree at this point, that the earth never took vacation just for one single year. So, delicious food
      was ready to be consumed. Then God said, “let us make man in Our image, according to our likeness.” What does “in our image” mean?  I think this is referring to the spiritual aspect of people. To have been created in the image of God means that one has the choice and the power to make decisions. We can decide to do God’s will and to act according to it or against to it. God didn’t create us to be programmed workers who only do what we are instructed. God created us with the ability to think and take charge of our life.
      The seventh verse
      of the second chapter tells how God made the first man. “And the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” If God did not breathe the breath of life into this man-dust it would be still only dust until today. We all know and we all agree at this point that without breath of life man cannot live. When the breath of life leave us, all our organs and invisible characteristics conscience, awareness, desire, wisdom, love, creativity and so forth immediately stop to function in our body. It is fact, it is reality and it is the truth. So, man has been created and God said: “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.”
      You, as an Atheist,
      may say: Lord God Almighty, I am an Atheist, I do not believe in You and I do not want to have anything in common with you, so I am not going to eat your food what you prepared for humankind!!! Of course, God almighty will answer you:  “My dear creation, this is your
      decision to eat or not, I gave you the free will, I gave you the right and choice to listen to Me and obey or not.” Not wanting to have relationship, connection with your Creator, you stopped to consume His food. One, two, three maybe four weeks passed. God Almighty loves His creation very much, He watches over each one of them, and He is very patient, but may say: “OK, you still refuse to take the food that I prepared for you I will take my breath of life from your body.” What God said, God did it!!! The connection between you and your Creator disappeared. You refused to consume His food, and He took His breath of life from you. NOW you are real Atheist, but your body would be only dust!!!
      What do you think?   Am I right or wrong???