The questions to the Atheists!


The questions to the Atheists!

Dear Atheist,

Who keeps the ratio between males and females on this planet earth? Who wants there to be life? Who is He? Who established the method of reproduction for human beings and for what purpose/reason?

Who installed in a woman’s body the organ and commanded it to produce eggs? Who installed in a man’s body the organ that produces sperm and who commanded this organ to produce sperms in equal parts constantly without mistakes? If no “who” is involved, “who does not command and “who” does not control, why aren’t  abnormalities in ratio not  found over the course of history? Why do we not see that boys are born on one continent while girls on the other? Do you really think that nothing or nobody can do perfect things?  Can you answer this question?

We all know and we all agree at this point that sperms are alive; each sperm contains life in it: a baby boy or baby girl with legs, hands, a heart, lungs, a liver, kidney, an eyes and a brain, wisdom and ideas. My question is:  who put breath of life in man’s sperms? How does life come into man’s sperms? From what source? If you assert with such a great power that no “who” is involved, do you really think that breath of life came into man’s sperm from nowhere, from nothing, from nobody? Do you really think that nothing can do something? Can nothing or nobody put something in action? Can inanimate, lifeless matter put life in man’s sperm? Do you really think that the dead can produce life? Do you really think that nothing or nobody wants there to be life, nobody wants to see precious humans, handsome men and beautiful women, you and me, on this planet earth?  Please answer this simple question of life!

When a sperm meets an egg, a new life begins. Life for a beautiful baby boy or baby girl starts. After nine months a new citizen arrives on this planet earth. What a joy! My question is: who knew that a newborn baby needs to eat immediately and so prepared fresh, warm and nourishing milk in the mother’s breasts? If no “who” is involved, do you think that nothing or nobody possessed the knowledge that a newborn baby needs to eat and prepared a delicious meal for him or her in the mother’s breast? Can you answer this question?

So, who established this method of reproduction for human beings? Whose idea was it to create a new life? Who wants there to be life on this planet, a poppy seed in comparison to the whole universe? Who is He? If you assert  that no ”who” is involved  so why does life exist on this  earth? For what reason/purpose do humans live, work very hard, enjoy and suffer, struggle and fight, and finally die?  Can you answer this question?

If you find, it too difficult to answer these questions, please buy and read my book from cover to cover and you will find the right answer.

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  • Spartenp100

    Why does anyone have to be involve? it’s just nature. wonderful beautiful nature. There is no reason we exists, we just do. when you consider the following it makes perfect sense. there was no beginning. The matter  and energy that exists today has always existed. It simply changes forms. Where not the first forms of life we wont be the last. On a long enough timeline everything that can happen will happen, and because there was no beginning and evolution exists this world we live on was inevitable. Everything that can happen will happen and most likely will happen again and again. So you have to ask yourself a question, can your god create a rock so big even he can’t move it? and if he can’t move it then I guess he’s not all powerful and if he can’t make it then once again he can’t be all powerful.