Dear Atheist, you wrote: You claim fruits and vegetables were created for human food. Again, fruits and vegetables existed long before humans appeared on this earth. Fruits and vegetables are seeds bearing portion of the plant. They exist SOLELY for the survival of the plant, and not so some human can eat them. Ask yourself this: Since most fruits are toxic to humans and therefore cannot be eaten by humans, why were they “created.” Answer is, of course, all fruits exist for the survival benefit of the plant itself, and for no other reason.

I respect your point of view very much, and now would you please listen to my version.  Yes, it is true that fruits and vegetables existed before humans appeared on this earth, otherwise mankind would not be able to live drinking only water and eating fish. Also all living creatures, animals and birds would not be able to survive without grass, plants, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. For this reason, food was first created before any eaters, animals and humans appeared on planet earth. Of course, there were established manners of reproduction for each plant. It is true that each tree, bush, flower, and blade of grass has a specific method of reproduction to continually produce food for living beings, you and me. Yes, it is true that some fruits are toxic; humans cannot eat them. But if our planet produces them, they are probably needed for the earth. Maybe scientists have not discovered yet the real purpose why toxic fruits exist. I think in the future they will. No, it is not true that all fruits exist for the survival benefit of the plant itself and for no other reason. Our planet earth produces plants for food. Without plants, grass, vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds, and living creatures would not be able to survive, there would be no life on this planet earth.

Now here we are in the 21st century. If our earth stopped producing any plants for even a single year, all animals would be dead. Fish and water would be the only things left for humans. I think there wouldn’t be enough fish to keep today’s population alive, so you and I would be dead also. Our planet earth produces plants for a very, very important purpose/reason: TO KEEP LIFE ON IT! Nobody can say otherwise, nobody can contradict this fact, this reality, because it is true. Now some questions arose: Why did our planet earth at the beginning before animals and humans appeared on it, started to produce food? Did the earth by itself know that in the future living creatures appeared on it? Did the earth have knowledge that these creatures would need to eat and started to prepare food for them? Did the earth by itself want to see life on it and decided to prepare all necessities for its existence or was somebody else involved? Did the earth by itself have the ability to establish the method of reproduction for each blade of grass and commanded this action from generation to generation until today or somebody else did it? Did the earth by itself have knowledge that human beings love and enjoy seeing flowers and created many varieties of so beautiful and colorful bushes, shrubs and flowers for people’s pleasure or somebody else knew what humans like? Did the earth arrange all these things for future life on it by itself or was it commanded to do this great job?  There are only two possible answers: earth by itself or somebody. In this case biology, science, ignorance, and lack of knowledge are not involved. There must be only two answers: earth by itself or somebody. There is no third answer. But maybe someone would say there is the third answer. Everything had happened by itself, nobody was involved. Life is self sustaining and self creating. It does not require someone wanting life to exist. If yes, why does life exist on this tiny planet, poppy seed, in comparison to the whole universe, for what purpose and reason?

I mentioned these questions before, but I would like to repeat them, to underline them more deeply, because these questions have been ringing in my ears for the few last months and every eater on this planet earth must know the answer to them. Why does our planet earth produce food for human beings? Does the earth by itself want to see life on it and decides to willingly and consciously produce the necessities for its existence  or is there someone who wants to see live beings and commanded the earth to do this great job to produce so many varieties of vegetables and fruits to support their existence? But who can say that planet earth by itself had knowledge, wisdom and awareness? Who can agree that earth by itself knew that in the future living beings, people-you and me –will appear on it and decided to prepare a banquet for them? Who can accept that earth by itself had the desire to see living beings on it and created food for them, so many kinds of fruits and vegetables full of vitamins, minerals and aroma? Who can say that earth by itself established the method of reproduction for each blade of grass to provide food constantly without any interruption?  Who can say that earth by itself enjoys seeing humans on it having continual feasts-eating every day more than once? Who can say that nothing can do something? Who can say that nobody had arranged and prepared all necessities for our life, so many varieties of beautiful flowers for our pleasure and wonderful world which we live in? Who can say that nobody possessed infinite ability to create such beauties-flowers different colors, shapes and different scent? Who can say that nobody has knowledge, wisdom, awareness and ability to do such great things and desire to see life on our earth?

Dear Atheist, do you really think that nothing can do something? Do you really believe that nobody could foresee and prepare all necessities for life’s existence? Do you really believe that nobody can create such great things? Do you really believe that life appeared on this earth for no purpose and reason and nobody wants to see it? Would please think over these questions and give correct answer at first to yourself and then to the entire world. And we all, you are included, know and we all agree at this point that nothing comes from nothing. Of course, we all know and we all agree that everything has purpose and reason.

We, human beings, citizens of this planet earth, have full right to know who wants us to be here. Who prepared all the necessities for our existence? We must know the exact and correct answer to who wants to see living beings on this planet earth: Nobody, the earth by itself or somebody else?  We must dig and dig, deeper and deeper in order to get the right answer, to know the truth. Every single soul, every single eater young or old, educated or illiterate, living on this planet earth when he or she sits at the table and sees food on it, must ask himself or herself a question: Who wants me to be here, who prepared these goodies for me to support my life and development? Who is He? Did the earth by itself think of me or is there someone else? There are only two answers: the earth by itself or somebody else, there is not something in between. If you consider these simple questions of life to be silly or religiously fanatical, why do you take part in this religious ceremony-eating every day more than once? Stop to eat right away and you will see what will happen with you after a couple of weeks. Please do not say: It goes by natural way, nature did it all, because I will start to ask you previously mentioned questions: is nature a what or a who?

Dear Atheist, if you assert with such a great power that there is no God, you must answer all these questions, one by one. At first answer them for yourself and after for the entire world. Would you please not say that my questions are silly, childlike or religiously fanatical, because there is no religion in these questions. They are simply questions of life, questions that we see every day, we meet them on the daily basis, questions that we live by. We, human beings, must know where we come from, why we live on this planet earth and for what purpose/reason. Who wants us to be here, who prepared all the necessities for our existence, why we were born and why we must die. I think that every man and woman educated or not, very wise or less wise, young or old must know the answers to these questions. But if you do not have any answers to these simple questions of life then you will be defeated completely. If you will not have any explanations from your scientific point of view or you will be silent then you will arrange a funeral for evolution. So would you please think over and defend yourself.

Dear readers, may God Almighty richly bless you by reading this article and share these messages with your family, friends, co-workers and with the whole world. Please remember you are God’s creation and you are loved.

Please do not forget to order and read my book from cover to cover.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated!

  • Wartheory2004

    I’ve often pondered this same enigma. For me it even separates into the sheer unmathematical probability that not only 1 single “animal” cell formed on it’s own, but that at least 1 single “plant” cell also formed on it’s own, as these are 2 different forms of life that must “evolve” separately. The chances of even 1 single protein forming on it’s own is 1 in 10 to the 113th power and it takes thousands of proteins (among other elements) to form a single cell… so life couldn’t have formed on it’s own from a mathematical perspective in general, but the plant scenario also exists and takes the atheist issue further. I can honestly say though, that many atheists would try and say that “we evolved simultaneously and because of our growth together we learned to need what was available to survive”, or that “plants came first and then we arrived and our bodies evolved to enjoy these things”. Both of those ideals are very much faith based and have no scientific merit and defy all odds. To think that our “taste buds”  “evolved” so that we could ENJOY what we eat makes absolutely zero sense if we are here for no reason. If we aren’t here for a reason then what does the universe care if oranges taste sweet to us? Why would it care that we had essential vitamins and minerals to ensure that we could live long and healthy lives? Why would it care that there were different kinds of these plants to feed not only us, but the different types of animals that need different vitamins and minerals to survive that we don’t? I agree with you on every point that you make and have tried to point out logical responses to some of the common “answers” to the question of the need for plant life and fruit on this planet. It’s honestly very sad too… that atheists continuously  demand evidence for creation and yet things of this nature are just that, but they are scoffed, ignored, and overlooked because it defies their ways of thinking. I can’t say that I believe in the “Bibles, Korans, etc.” of the world, because those were written by men, and men are very much liars and self promoters… but that shouldn’t prevent people from believing in a creator. I could keep talking but I’ll leave it at that. Thank you for the questions you pose.

    • Janinabalabat

      Thank you so much for your comment and reading my article. May your Creator richly bless you and use you for His glory!

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